Thanksgiving for Non-Americans

My husband and I went to a big mall in our place to have a haircut and I was greeted with a big banner, ” Thanksgiving Day: It’s time to give thanks!”. My initial reaction was disgust simply because  Filipinos dont know what is Thanksgiving in the first place. And I want to respect the Americans to celebrate such important holiday to themselves, who really have the real meaning of Thanksgiving in their souls.

My husband said I’m just over reacting but I told him, I know the origin and what that holiday means to the Americans as someone who studied History in college and lived with an American family for many years. Also, our city doesn’t have that much American ex-pats or tourists to include the celebration for the mall’s activity. My argument is that the mall made a big deal on that occasion to attract shoppers without knowing that people even don’t know what it is…

I would be interested to know what Americans would feel if other countries make a “commercial” celebration of their own holiday…


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