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White Water Rafting

I never had a chance to be active in my entire life. When I was a kid, I detest running and would like to settle in board games or hide an seek games. Blame it to my asthma or just the lack of interest but I was never a sporty person.

It changed now that my son is becoming a toodler, I have no choice but to run around and keep on panting. He pulls my sleeve to run again and again until my knees tremble. So with my husband for our anniversary tour, we packed and went for some adventurous post honeymoon idea- water rafting.

Water rafting is an extreme sports of dealing with rapids caused by big boulders in rivers. In the Philippines, water rafting is synonymous with Cagayan de Oro. It used to be reserved for business tycoons spending at least P10K each but President Gloria tried it herself and paved the way for more operators for water rafting. Now, one can expereince this amazing sport for less than P1K each or for the whole team more or less P6-7K.


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